Angaza Awards: Women to Watch in Banking & Finance

Angaza Awards

It’s still a notably underrepresented world out there for women when it comes to banking and finance. A recent report by Catalyst found that few women reach leadership positions in Financial Services across the world.

Globally, women represented 12% of CFOs in large-cap firms and 34% of CFOs in mid-cap firms in 2018.

In 2019, fewer than a quarter (21.9%) of senior leadership roles within financial services firms were held by women. In 2019, women’s global representation on executive committees in major financial services firms was only 20%, up from just 16% in 2016.

But we’ve begun to spot some rising stars across the industry, which prompted The Kenyan Wallstreet and Kaleidoscope Consultants to sponsor the Angaza Awards: Women to Watch in Banking & Finance scheme to recognise women who are steering and shaping the financial services sector. The motivation of the Angaza Awards is the need to raise awareness of seasoned women within the sector towards promoting board and C-level diversity.


Entrants can access an online form and submit the award application and supporting documents. Judges are drawn from multiple disciplines including regulators, professional bodies and associations, academia, government, development community and individuals. The judges will utilize a scoresheet developed by Kenyan Wallstreet and Kaleidoscope Consultants to select the winners. The 10 entrants with the highest points will be interviewed and their profiles will be posted on the Angaza Awards microsite and promoted in local and regional media.

Entry Form

In addition to capturing general biodata, the entry form will seek to bring out the influence of the entrant, focusing on their potential or scale and impact.


  1. The entrant must be working in a full-time capacity in a licensed and regulated firm within the financial services sector, namely banking, insurance, investment banking, fund management, private equity, fintech, microfinance, or SACCO, operating in Kenya or the East Africa Region
  2. Entrants can only enrol via self-entry (no nominations allowed)
  3. Only one entry will be allowed per entrant
  4. The entrant must register online and provide access to their LinkedIn profile for validation by the Kenyan Wallstreet team
  5. The entrant can send their curriculum vitae (resume) to [email protected] 
  6. The entrant must send a professional headshot (no passport photo, no selfies) that is of high resolution and JPEG format (1MB maximum file size) to [email protected] 
  7. The entrant must complete the entry form in full, provide supporting documentation and connect with Kenyan Wallstreet’s LinkedIn page ahead of the entry deadline
  8. Kenyan Wallstreet and Kaleidoscope Consultants reserves the right to verify any and all submitted information, including contacting references, HR managers and co-workers via LinkedIn
  9. Previous award winners and finalists may enter subsequent awards
  10. Deadline for Entries is 19th February 2021
  11. Late entries will be disqualified
  12. By Submitting an Entry Form, the entrant agrees to all the terms and conditions

Judging Process

Entries will be received strictly online. Kenyan Wallstreet team will shortlist the entrants based on the criteria and a scoresheet, and validate their profiles on LinkedIn.

The shortlist will be circulated along with the entry forms and scoresheets to the judging panel. The judges will disqualify themselves in cases of a conflict of interest, specifically if the entrant is employed by the judge, a co-worker or associate of the judge, or related [spouse, sibling, child].

The Judges will meet to review their scoresheets and deliberate the results. The 10 entrants with the highest points following the judges meeting will be declared the winners. Judges will meet a maximum of 2 times to deliberate their scores.

Angaza Awards Permission & Indemnification agreement

Nuru Mugambi
Public Affairs Director at Kenya Bankers Association
Nuru has helped shape Kenya’s banking industry. As director of public affairs and lead on Sustainable Finance at Kenya Bankers Association, she has spearheaded strategic initiatives aimed at reinforcing the industry’s role of being a core driver of Kenya’s sustainable economic development.
Founder and Past Chair of Kenya Women Finance Trust
Mary Okelo is the Founder and Past Chair of Kenya Women Finance Trust. She is also the Founder of Makini Schools. She had a long career in banking and is the first woman in East Africa to head a Barclays Bank branch and is one of Kenya's foremost entrepreneurs
Director, Regulatory Policy and Strategy, at the Capital Markets Authority of Kenya
Luke Ombara is currently Director, Regulatory Policy and Strategy, at the Capital Markets Authority of Kenya, where he provides overall strategic leadership in Research, Policy, Strategy, Product Development, Regulatory Affairs and Investor Education functions.
CEO, Kenya Association of Manufacturers
Phyllis Wakiaga is the Chief Executive of the Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM), one of Kenya’s leading business associations with over 800 members.
Catherine Musakali
Catherine Musakali is an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya and a Fellow of the Institute of Certified Public Secretaries of Kenya. She is the Founder of Dorion Associates, a firm specializing in governance matters and commercial legal consultancies.
Esther Ndeti
Executive Director of the East Africa Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (EAVCA)
Esther Ndeti is a Kenyan mechanical engineer, businesswoman and corporate executive, who serves an Executive Director of the East Africa Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (EAVCA), based in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya, effective 14 January 2017. Prior to her current position, she served as the regional coordinator for the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE).
Prof Tabitha Kiriti
Professor of Economics - University of Nairobi
Tabitha Kiriti-Nganga is a Professor of Economics in the School of Economics at the University of Nairobi specializing in International Trade, Gender and Socioeconomic Issues.
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