Bulls & Bears Forum Budget Edition; What it means for the private sector

Bulls & Bears Forum “Budget” Edition

Target Audience; Public and private sector business leaders and senior government officials.

The discussion will mainly be focused on the 2019 Budget and what it means for the private sector and Kenya’s current place as the economic leader of the region. The Fireside Chat is expected to examine the pros and cons of the 2019/2020 budget to the private sector as well as the role of the national budget as a tool for stimulating economic activity and other topics.

The forum will offer business leaders an opportunity to meet with top-level Administration officials to discuss some of the most pressing issues affecting Kenyan businesses, as well as ways to collaborate more effectively to foster economic competitiveness.

Date; 1st July 2019

The Bulls & Bears Forum is a platform created by Kenyan Wallstreet to offer to decision-makers an opportunity to connect with their peers in a bid to drive economic transformation and growth in the region.

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