Country: Kenya

Sector: Insurance 

Age: 47 Years

For the past four years, Catherine has been the Chief Executive Officer of APA Life Insurance Company. By championing the development of such innovative products as Upendo, the first end-to-end digital microlife product, the firm has witnessed impressive performance with revenue increasing 43 percent and assets by approximately 50 percent. Equivalently, the APA Life Fund has grown by over Ksh 2 billion under her tenure.

She has been recognized as a leader who fosters a customer-focused environment, delivering products and services that exceed customers’ expectations. Overseeing company operations to ensure efficiency, quality service and cost-effective management of resources, Catherine’s continuous improvement approach has anchored the firm’s sustainable growth. 

Catherine is active in the community. She supports Nthimbiri Primary School as an alumni member and has contributed individually towards the provision of clean piped water, and new and better toilets. The school has also been assisted during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic through provision of soap and masks. She also serves on the management team of a community church where she supported digitization in the wake of COVID and helped mobilize food and other basic needs for church members who were impacted through loss of businesses and jobs as a result of the pandemic.

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