Country: South Sudan

Sector: Banking 

Age: 41

As Country Head of Risk and Compliance at KCB South Sudan, Joanita has improved the bank’s operations by introducing risk management structures and frameworks that have stymied losses. Through her efforts, the bank’s write-offs have drastically reduced with zero losses due to fraud and full compensation to affected customers, averting all potential penalties and reputational damage costs. She has implemented robust Anti-Money Laundering (AML)and Counter-Terrorist Financing (CFT) systems for rigorous monitoring of customer profiles and transactions in South Sudan, which is a “hotspot” area for U.S. and UN sanctions and embargoes; this has created a competitive advantage for the bank and enhanced confidence and continued business with international partners. 

For these interventions, KCB South Sudan is recognized for attaining the highest Enterprise-Wide Risk Management Index Score within KCB Group. She also has been instrumental in building an effective compliance and risk management culture which has reinforced system efforts to minimize operational errors and/or failures and promote operational efficiency. 

Previously, she served as Governance and Control Manager at ABSA Bank Uganda Ltd., where she contributed to firm performance by sealing income leakages through fraud detection and prevention that reduced the bank’s operational loss expense from 20 percent to 6 percent of Profit Before Tax.

Within the community, Joanita supports the Juba Teaching and Referral Hospital, where she has organized and secured funding to procure medical equipment, including delivery beds for expectant mothers, mattresses and wheelchairs.

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